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Hey There!

I’m Sam, lemonade queen and lover of all things crafty.

Just like the best lemonade, I’ll give it to you straight up. I get creative with copy. If you’re handmade, hand designed, locally sourced or ethically made, I’m the sweet touch you need. Why? Because I get it. I’ve got paint all over my best tights, I cried because my layer cake went wonky in the car, I had a tantrum because my overlocker stitch was not right (ever) and I’ve felt relieved when someone actually wanted to buy the thing I had put my heart and soul into. Selling shit is HARD. Let me make it easier for you.


“Lemonade Press has been such an asset to my business and my business’s social presence and growth! Her ability to take in and then write in detail about my various photography projects as if she was actually there is just amazing! Samara is obviously talented, but she is also super easy to work with, smart, sweet, patient, and organized. Choosing to work with Lemonade Press has been the best business decision I’ve made! I am so, so happy to have found Samara and I cannot recommend her more highly!”





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